This Yellow, Black and White Bird is Worth Seeing

This morning I heard a song of a large finch called an Evening Grosbeak. I learned that gros means big and all grosbeaks have a pretty big beak. There were 21 Evening Grosbeaks in our tree singing like crazy. Evening Grosbeaks make me joyful because of their sun-shinny yellow feathers. I get ecstatic when IContinue reading “This Yellow, Black and White Bird is Worth Seeing”

I’m a Citizen Scientist And You Can Be One Too!

The Global Big Day is tomorrow! The GBD is when the world goes birding and people record the birds they see or hear on Saturday, May 8th. The GBD is called the GBD because it’s global and for birders it really is a big day! The GBD is on May 8th and really anyone canContinue reading “I’m a Citizen Scientist And You Can Be One Too!”

Frances Hamerstrom a Female Birder

Mama said a few days ago that I should research a female birder. The female birder I chose was Frances Hamerstrom. She lived from 1907-1998 in Wisconsin. She was a wildlife biologist and one of the first females to be one! She and her husband ran conservation programs. She loved nature. She went to Smith CollegeContinue reading “Frances Hamerstrom a Female Birder”