The Christmas Bird Count

                     The history of the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) The CBC started in 1900 and used to be a Christmas hunting competition. Frank M. Chapman was an American ornithologist and began to notice the declining bird populations from the hunting competitions. In 1900 Chapman had the idea of the Christmas bird count. That year 27Continue reading “The Christmas Bird Count”


 This month I have been interested in migration. Migration is when animals move around to different places. Some examples of migration are in The Basics of Bird Migration: How, Why, and Where | All About Birds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  There are lots of new interesting and cool facts in it. It alsoContinue reading “Migration”

Natural Bird Art!

This weekend we went to the cabin and I made birds out of natural materials. I made the Magnolia Warbler, Mallard, Black-capped Chickadee, Bald Eagle, Ruby- throated Hummingbird and American Robin.   The American Robin is made out of charcoal (black), Oregon Grape root (yellow), roten log (orange), sand (gray), and a stick. The Magnolia WarblerContinue reading “Natural Bird Art!”

Fire Birds

This month I have been interested in fires and how some birds depend on them. To learn more about fire-dependent birds. I asked Papa if he could get me a book from the library. Last week when we went to the library, Papa went to the reserved section of the library and came back withContinue reading “Fire Birds”


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