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Birding with Generosity

In February and March we searched for the Barred Owl at Maclay’s Flat. We looked for it for 12 days with equally unsuccessful results. Lucy, Papa, and I chatted with three photographers and were talking to the fourth when she started asking me questions about my camera and I answered them as best as I…

All About Lucy

I am Lucy Jones Herring. I am 6 years old and homeschooled. I like to go outside. This is my first time doing a blog post! My favorite colors are red and blue. I draw birds, flowers, and dragons, but I really like to draw bugs. I also draw from how to draw books.  This…

Birding Etiquette

In almost every book or video you find about owling, they are going to say don’t publicly share an owl’s location. When someone is searching for an owl and they receive this response from another person, it can be quite disappointing. I have three pieces of birding etiquette to share; but remember, this is just…

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