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Northern Pygmy-Owls at Maclay Flat

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, I went birding with Lucy, Papa, and Tyler at Maclay Flat. Only 2 seconds after exiting the car, all of us were staring at a northern pygmy-owl that had posted up on a small conifer next to the entrance of the trails. After about thirty pictures or so, we moved…

Happy New Year!

Through December, Lucy and I have been using watercolors to paint birds. Most of the supplies that we used were given to us by the Montana Natural History Centers’ annual nature journaling class. Although a combination of our paintings are included, I wrote all the captions. I hope you enjoy them! The Tufted Puffin (Fratercula…

Feeder Field Notes of December

The red-breasted nuthatch was the most curious and the first to feed from the suet. To learn more about the importance of the number of ‘dees’ in the chickadees call, the science article Allometry of Alarm Calls by my friend Erick Greene, Kate Davis, and Chris Templeton is a great place to start. Of the…

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