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The Owl At Seventh Street

The Motivation. I believe that whenever I publish a blog I will see an owl, so after we came back from Pennsylvania I posted about the Common Grackle. The next day I was all Yay! We’re gonna see an owl! We drove to Tower Street, I hopped out and started walking the trail. Where are…

Common Grackle

Quiscalus quiscula A gang of grackles: We went to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago to see my family, while I was there, I really wanted to see the Common Grackle. On our fifth day I had just plopped down with a book on the couch when a large flock of black birds descended on the…

Northern Pygmy-Owls at Maclay Flat

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, I went birding with Lucy, Papa, and Tyler at Maclay Flat. Only 2 seconds after exiting the car, all of us were staring at a northern pygmy-owl that had posted up on a small conifer next to the entrance of the trails. After about thirty pictures or so, we moved…

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