Waxwings, Waxwings Everywhere

HISTORY Waxwings are named for the red tips on their feathers that reminded people of wax used to seal letters. With only 3 species, waxwings are widespread throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. They are the Bohemian, Japanese, and the Cedar Waxwing. Waxwings are in their very own bombycilla genus. ID (Bohemian and Cedar Waxwing)Continue reading “Waxwings, Waxwings Everywhere”

The Christmas Bird Count

                     The history of the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) The CBC started in 1900 and used to be a Christmas hunting competition. Frank M. Chapman was an American ornithologist and began to notice the declining bird populations from the hunting competitions. In 1900 Chapman had the idea of the Christmas bird count. That year 27Continue reading “The Christmas Bird Count”