Feeder Field Notes of December

The red-breasted nuthatch was the most curious and the first to feed from the suet. To learn more about the importance of the number of ‘dees’ in the chickadees call, the science article Allometry of Alarm Calls by my friend Erick Greene, Kate Davis, and Chris Templeton is a great place to start. Of theContinue reading “Feeder Field Notes of December”

Limit Our Waste and Help The Birds

Welcome back readers! I’m going to tell you about deer fat suet feeders and how we make them, tips, warnings and more. We made these feeders because we are a family who tries to limit their waste. Using deer fat, we make candles and lotion with a byproduct that usually goes to the landfill. ButContinue reading “Limit Our Waste and Help The Birds”

The Laziest Parents in the Bird World

What exactly is a parasite? Well, parasites are animals that live off of other living animals. Brood parasites, though, place their eggs in other animals’ nests. But why do birds parasitise? In my opinion it’s because they’re the lazy, good-for-nothing parents of the bird world. The real reason is that it lessens the chance theirContinue reading “The Laziest Parents in the Bird World”

Western Tanager

Piranga ludoviciana Male and Female Western Tanager, photographed by me ________________________________________________________________________________________ The 2nd most colorful tanager in the U.S.! The Western Tanager goes from its breeding grounds in the U.S. and Canada, to its wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America. We have tanagers at our cabin up rock creek every summer. I once saidContinue reading “Western Tanager”

Our Oregon Trip In a New Perspective

We haven’t been to Oregon in 2 years! When we used to go I was interested in whales. Now that I am interested in birds it’s a whole new perspective of Oregon. My interest in birds brought us to completely new places, like Oregon Islands, Bandon Marsh, and Nestucca Bay NWRs.  My camera The bestContinue reading “Our Oregon Trip In a New Perspective”