Birding with Generosity

In February and March we searched for the Barred Owl at Maclay’s Flat. We looked for it for 12 days with equally unsuccessful results. Lucy, Papa, and I chatted with three photographers and were talking to the fourth when she started asking me questions about my camera and I answered them as best as I could. That night we talked to Marla and she offered me a larger camera. I said “yes please” and was super excited all week. A few weeks later we ran into Marla again and she said that she had the camera in her car. We talked all the way back and when we got there Marla also gave me a photography book. I am always reading it! I appreciate Marla’s generosity and kindness for giving me the camera and photography advice. You can follow Marla on Instagram at @marlajenne406 to view her photographs!

Check out these pictures from the new camera!

Great Blue Heron

This photo was taken at Bancroft Pond in Missoula. The heron had spooked, flown over to the other side and landed across the pond from me.

Calliope Hummingbird

When I was observing this hummingbird at Greenough Park, Missoula; I took a picture as it lifted off the branch. For the first time in my life I had managed to freeze the wing motion!

Canada Geese

While I was sitting on the bank at Bancroft pond, two geese chased each other around and around a little island as some more watched the show.


Right before it hit the water, this male Mallard stretched its feet and raised its body upward making for an awesome photo.

Canada Goose

When I was taking pictures of a robin, a curious pair of geese wandered over and checked me out.

Female Red-winged Blackbird

I must have spent 15 minutes waiting for this female blackbird to rise out of the cattails before she took a drink and perched right next to me. They look like over sized sparrows.

Male Red-winged Blackbird

This red wing stayed put as I walked around it, moving only to sing and preen. It kept turning its back towards me so this is one of my few pictures with the red patch.

American Robin

This female robin was pulling out twigs and grass from the ground. It was pretty funny to watch her sort of pounce on a twig and start yanking on it.

European Starling

Usually I ignore starlings, but this one flew into a tree right in front of me and moved so it’s feathers shone and you can see some of its colors other than black.

Black-capped Chickadee

I just love taking pictures of birds in red bushes because it really makes you look at the bird.

American Robin

I watched this robin for a while before it stopped running and paused on a stump. It kept moving its head so I took a bunch of photos and saved the one with its head tilted to my left.

Pine Siskin

This little siskin just stared into the snow for 7 seconds before it scurried away. Its partner just flew into a tree.

Canada Geese

These two geese floated over as a few more chased each other around. They kept coming closer before they abruptly turned around and swam back.

Pine siskin

In my opinion, siskins are the cutest, most adorable bird in the world.

Painted Lady Butterfly

I nearly stepped on this butterfly before I realized it was there. It just sat there for a while and then flew away when I moved.

5 thoughts on “Birding with Generosity

  1. Wow! 🤩 Dottie, those are some amazing photographs, way to go girl!!!
    -Amanda (isla’s mom 😉)


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