All About Lucy

Lucy looking at an owl in the trees

I am Lucy Jones Herring. I am 6 years old and homeschooled. I like to go outside. This is my first time doing a blog post! My favorite colors are red and blue. I draw birds, flowers, and dragons, but I really like to draw bugs. I also draw from how to draw books.

Me pretending to be a rainbow

 This pictures me with feathers in my hair and I put a blanket on my hands! When I was little I would draw scribbles and dots. My sister Dottie Moon helped me and gave me ideas. Now I am really good at drawing and finding small things. Once Papa lost a tool, so he asked me to find it and I did. It was under a leaf. One time I was in the front yard when I found a little shell. One time Dottie was thinking about the word personification, but she said per-sniff-ication!ha ha ha!

6 thoughts on “All About Lucy

  1. Great job on your first blog Lucy Jones!! Nana is so proud of you! You look beautiful as ever dressed up as a rainbow bird! Love and miss you so much! 💜


  2. Great job on your first post Lucy Jones! You make your nana so proud! I love the picture of you as a rainbow bird.. you look like a scarlet macaw ! Love and miss you and look forward to more posts from you and Dottie💕


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