Birthday Checklist Update

A few weeks ago I made a blog about what I wanted for my birthday. For my birthday wish I asked people to go birding and make a checklist. I also had prizes for the list with the most birds seen and one for the list with a rare bird for your area.

The birds we saw at Kelly Island.

Thank you for going birding and making a checklist for my birthday. I received 9 checklists from all over! Here are the locations and the people who made them: Vermont (Hanna), Main (Chris + Meira), Talkeetna (Eli), Wasilla (Kensey + kids), Anchorage (Casey), Bethel (Bev + John), Missoula (Bailey), Stevensville (Jeff) and Billings (Ben + Andrea). I also made a list at Kelly Island for my birthday. Jeff won for the most amount of birds and auntie Bev won the rare bird for seeing a Great Horned Owl.

Jeff’s prize.
Bev’s prize.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Checklist Update

  1. Oh my gosh, so fun to see all the lists of birds folks saw and I love the drawing of the Great Horned Owl and looks like grosbeaks the owl is looking at. Lots of love to you for inspiring us.


  2. I just saw the picture you drew for Auntie Bev when I went to go visit yesterday. It’s beautiful! She has it in a nice frame on her shelf and is so happy she received one of your prizes.
    I plan to keep a checklist of birds now that they are all returning back to Bethel. Spring is definitely here! Love you!


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