My Birthday

Me and Lucy

My birthday is in a couple days on March 23rd and I will be 8! For my birthday could you go birding, make a list of birds you see, and share them with me? I have 3 reasons I would like you to go birding, first it would make me happy, second you get fresh air, and third if you use eBird you are helping science. If you don’t want to or can’t make an eBird list, you can write the list and send it to me. I will have a prize for the list with the most number of birds seen and for the list that has a rare bird for your area. The prize will be a sketch of a bird you saw.

If you want to use eBird, here are the instructions. 

  1. Download the eBird app
  2. Type in the birds and how many you see
  3. When you’re done, hit the stop button on the bottom and share your list with me!
  4. After the bird’s name there will be an orange circle that’s half filled in, that means the bird is uncommon. If there’s a circle filled in all the way with red it means that bird is rare in your area (there’s no symbol for common).

If you need help identifying a bird use the Merlin Bird ID app. The Merlin Bird ID app is where you put in your location, the size of the bird, the color, and where you saw it (at a feeder, soaring, on a tree etc.) then it will make a list of possible birds. Both Merlin and eBird have birds only in your area. I hope you have fun birding!

Me and Lucy at Lee Metcalf

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