Our Oregon Trip In a New Perspective

Oregon sunset

We haven’t been to Oregon in 2 years! When we used to go I was interested in whales. Now that I am interested in birds it’s a whole new perspective of Oregon. My interest in birds brought us to completely new places, like Oregon Islands, Bandon Marsh, and Nestucca Bay NWRs. 

My camera

The best part about the trip is that I forgot my camera! Even though I forgot my camera we still have pictures and drawings of really cool birds like the Caspian Tern, Pigeon Guillemot, Double crested Cormorant, and Whimbrel. In my opinion, trying to identify birds without my camera is more fun and challenging.

Whales and birds

Even though I love birds, I still really want to see a whale! We passed a few places that we would have gone to if I had still been interested in whales. Now that I am interested in birds, whale stuff just didn’t sound too fun. On our way to the Oregon Islands NWR, we passed the Depot Bay Whale Watching Center. The last time we stopped there it had a whale jawbone that was bigger than Lucy and I combined!! It wasn’t our favorite last time because we did not see any whales, so I am glad we didn’t stop there. 

My main highlight

My puffin drawing

On our Oregon trip we stopped at many places, especially birding hotspots. We also met a lot of volunteers while birding. Volunteers are people who study and report certain things in a refuge or state park without getting paid. You can be a volunteer at a favorite state park or refuge today!

                                        Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Cosmo the trash puffin

The Oregon Islands was my favorite part of the trip because I found it, researched it, and waited to go there for a couple months! Near Coos Bay, Oregon, seabirds of all sorts nest on the rocky islands of the Oregon Islands NWR. From Guillemots to Cormorants, Puffins to gulls, Oregon Islands is a great place to watch nesting seabirds return again and again to their nest. Many birds use the refuge as a nesting area every year. 

2 thoughts on “Our Oregon Trip In a New Perspective

  1. I love your report on your family trip. Those will be some of your most memorable moments with your family.


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