Birding Pennyslvania

John James Audubon Center

Located in Audubon, PA, the John James Audubon Center was our first birding location. Because of that, we saw three new species there, the Northern Cardinal, the White-throated Sparrow, and the Red-bellied Woodpecker. The center was a wonderful (and muddy) hike through a field and by the river.

Grandmom’s House

Carolina Wren

At Sweet Arrow Lake, Grandmom’s house is 2 hours from the airport so I am glad that we got a hotel. On the way back, I fell asleep but then woke back up when Papa spotted two diffrent morphed red-tails! The two differnt morphs were harlan’s and krider’s! Since we were mostly birding near or on grandmom’s property I saw mostly the same species but in the evening, my cousin, Carson, and I would go out and take pictures of the sparrows, that gathered and sang in grandmom’s bush near the parking lot! I saw 3 new species which were the Carolina Wren, Northern Mockingbird, and Tufted Titmouse.

Landingville Dam

Downy Woodpecker

Landingville dam is a long and fun hike with many trees and boulders. We were guided by Dave Kruel, an experienced birder in this area. We crossed a road near the end but otherwise there is nothing that crosses the path. We saw many birds and heard many others. We saw the Northern Cardinal, white-throated Sparrow, Red shouldered hawk, Winter Wren, some type of chickadee and some mallards. The birds we heard were the golden crowned kinglet, swamp sparrow and red bellied woodpecker. I also saw some wood duck and mallard boxes. The red shouldered hawk was the bird I really wanted to see so I was ecstatic when we saw two of them!

2 thoughts on “Birding Pennyslvania

  1. It was very nice to meet you & your family, and to hear on your birding experiences. I really hope you get to see or hear more owls upcoming. Great to see your enthusiasm in birding. Best of luck to you, in finding new birds & having great birding experiences for the upcoming spring season. Dave


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