Salmon Flies : A Food Source For Birds

My salmon fly writing and palette

Mom and I took a nature journaling class from the Montana Natural History Center in Missoula. In this nature journal entry, I combined three of our homework assignments into one entry. They were called Zoom in, Zoom out, Species Account, and Palette of Place.

A few weeks ago, Lucy, Mom and I went down to Rock Creek to journal about the salmon flies. I found some salmon flies on the bushes and put them in a plastic feta container. I did this so I could write and draw about them over a long period of time. In my nature journal entry, I renamed the salmon fly, five-winged nymph and painted the insect and its main colors. Next, I wrote down my observations and things that I learned. We went back up the hill to do some research and found out that sometimes a fish will jump up into the bushes and shrubs trying to knock salmon flies down to eat them. I thought that was crazy! I included some photos of my journal entry and a few pictures of actual salmon flies.

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