I’m a Citizen Scientist And You Can Be One Too!

Turkey Vultures sunning

The Global Big Day is tomorrow! The GBD is when the world goes birding and people record the birds they see or hear on Saturday, May 8th. The GBD is called the GBD because it’s global and for birders it really is a big day! The GBD is on May 8th and really anyone can participate! You participate by making one or more checklists then you can submit them on eBird. You have to submit your checklist before May 11. In 2020 50,000 people in 175 countries submitted 120,000 checklists (in one day) setting the world record. If you submit 5 checklists you can win a pair of binoculars.

Me and Lucy birding

A citizen scientist is anyone who finds/collects data and you know how you can be a citizen scientist? By simply making a list of birds you see and/or hear. Birds are nesting, DON’T annoy the birds! Tomorrow I will be at Council Grove with the UM Bird Ecology Lab at 9:00 am for my first checklist.  I’m super excited to be a part of the GBD because I love to be a part of a worldwide activity.

Let me know if you see any cool birds!

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