Frances Hamerstrom a Female Birder

Frances Hamerstrom

Mama said a few days ago that I should research a female birder. The female birder I chose was Frances Hamerstrom. She lived from 1907-1998 in Wisconsin. She was a wildlife biologist and one of the first females to be one! She and her husband ran conservation programs.

She loved nature. She went to Smith College and Iowa State University. She married a man named Fredrick ( or Fred ) and had two children. She wrote 12 books. My favorite is Harrier, Hawk of the Marshes. She was a falconer and loved American Kestrels. 

Harrier, Hawk of the Marshes

She worked on the Greater Prairie Chickens in Wisconsin and put colored leg bands on them. The reason she studied them is because they were going extinct in Wisconsin. Not because of hunting but of loss of habitat.

Greater Prairie Chicken U.S. Government of Agriculture

3 thoughts on “Frances Hamerstrom a Female Birder

  1. I am so happy that you are learning about other women who love birding just like you! I wonder if you will someday become a wildlife biologist just like her. I like that she cared about the future of birds and wanted to protect them.


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