Types of Feathers

Types of feathers and where they belong on a bird.

In this blogpost I will talk about types of feathers and their purposes. I’ll start with the flight feathers, the primaries (the ones on the edge) are for lift, brakes, sometimes attracting mates and warnings. Under the primaries, the secondaries are smaller but bigger than the wing coverts. Last of all the flight feathers the wing coverts are used for warmth for the wing. I picked the wing feathers first because you can see them from every angle, front, back, above and below.

Picture of wing feathers.

Next are the tail feathers which are for brakes, and sometimes ( such as the streamertail) attracting mates. Where the tail connects to the body there are the upper tail and under tail coverts. The upper tail coverts are on top of the tail while the under tail coverts are below.

The feathers on a tail.

Covering most of the bird’s body, downy feathers are used to keep skin warm, adds color to the body and it’s the smallest. My favorite feathers are downy. What types of feathers do you like?

6 thoughts on “Types of Feathers

  1. My favorites are the wing feathers, they are often very colorful and easier to find. I love your blogs Dottie and of course I love you….


      1. When I was young I loved finding Turkey wing feathers I would try to use them as a Quill and try to write with them. But I did not figure out how to do that. What was your favorite wing feather?


  2. Thank you for the great description of feathers and the pictures are great I am learning so much about birds Very interesting

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