Winter Is For The Birds

A drawing of my poem
It's beginning to snow,
all birds know
it was summer here awhile ago.

It's time for most birds to fly south,
raptors fly in search of a mouse.

Eagles and Chickadees stay
While other birds fly far away.

It gets cold
and winter's hold

Staying birds fill up on seeds,
on nuts they also feed
in branches of ponderosa trees.

Raptors glide
under snow covered skies
as the winds sigh.

Cawing crows atop a bright light
watch as gathering pigeons put up a fight.

4 thoughts on “Winter Is For The Birds

  1. Dottie I absolutely love this poem. It snowed here again today maybe two inches , pop pop is getting tired of snow 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh….great words from an Orutsararmuit Tribal member…the snow is blowing sideways on the Kuskokwim today….birds are hunkered down…


  3. Hi Dottie, I love the drawing. I hope that bird bath has a heater so the birds can drink if they want during this cold weather. Looking forward to hear about what you see during the GBBC.


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