All About Me and My Sister

My name is Dottie . I am 7 years old. I live in Missoula, MT. I really love the David Allen Sibley bird book : Sibley’s Birds West .I love to read chapter books like Harry Potter. I love to sketch, draw, paint and read field guides about birds. I like to go to Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge to look for birds. My favorite bird is a bald eagle. I love to go outside and watch birds and sometimes take pictures of them. I get really excited when I learn a new fact! My sister’s name is Lucy. She loves birds. She loves to play Legos. She loves her sister. She is going to help me with the blog. I started this blog because : I love birds because they fly and to share my love of birds with other people. I want to learn to take good photos and to find out why other people love birds. 

13 thoughts on “All About Me and My Sister

  1. We hope y’all get to see all the beautiful birds of the seasons. Y’all live in a wonderful place to see a mass variety of birds.
    Make sure yer parents drive slow past the Hanley fields durin the Sandhill crane season!


      1. Headed south on Rock Creek: the big fields on the east side of the road after you cross Spring Creek at mm4. They nest at the base of the mountain, it’ll the tall grass and brush along the creek.

        Very neat birds to watch and they make really kool sounds.

        – Edwards Clan


  2. Can’t wait for you to come back up to the Kuskokwim in Alaska when all the song birds show up from around the world to nest…


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